Bellaire Contemporary Classic Furniture

Freeform, Useful, Beautiful

With an emphasis on airy design, clean lines, natural oiled oak wood grain and exciting advances in materials, contemporary furniture reflects the twenty-first century. Bellaire furniture is ideal for family settings with smooth curves adding safety as well as making a design statement. Form has never followed function more beautifully than in the Mersman Bellaire Collection, offering comfort as well as elegance.

Mersman No. 330-Pit Grouping with 330 Cocktail Table

  • as shown
  • No. 59-330 LF Section 60L 36D 36H 27AH 19SH
  • No. 68-330 RE Incliner Section 60L 36D 36H 27AH 19SH
  • No 333-23 Mersman Shaped Cocktail Table in Perlescent Finish
  • 38 x 33 x 16H

Also Available - Most popular

Mersman No. 242-23 Cocktail Table

  • Warm Oiled Oak Finish
  • Rounded Corners - Safe for Little Ones and Pets
  • Over 1,000,000 sold
  • 38 x 38 x 16H

Group pricing $1799 as shown