A Message From Will Somers


When J.B. Mersman founded this company over one hundred and thirty years ago, his aim was to offer his customers dining tables of excellent design and construction. Products as good as the best, but priced where more people could afford them. He wanted Mersman tables to be the best values around.


Today, that tradition continues at Somers Corporation, manufacturers of Mersman Furniture. Yes, we've changed our name slightly, in testimony to the fact that all our products tables, casegoods and upholstery bear the stamp of renowned Mersman craftsmanship, and as a reflection of this company's progressive outlook.


Progress is an intrinsic part of Mersman tradition. J.B. Mersman was one of the first to adopt modern manufacturing techniques. Today, we're at the forefront of new retailing concepts. Our coordinated design program, for example, insures that Mersman furniture will fit together in any combination, giving your customers predictably beautiful decorating results. And our open-stock policy allows them to add or replace pieces as their budgets allow.


We've also embarked on an exciting, vigorous new marketing campaign, designed to bring to more of your customers the outstanding value of Mersman furniture, and benefits such as our unmatched delivery schedule and 10-year warranty.


That's why, as you page through this electronic catalog, I invite you to take a fresh look at one of the oldest names in home furnishings. Today, as they have for more than four generations, the people of Mersman Furniture are striving to make it the best furniture company in the industry.


Will Somers