The New Dynasty Collections (250, 261, 350)

When the tall-masted clipper ships of Europe sailed to the Far East, they brought back with them a whole new style of furniture and furniture-making techniques that found lasting favor throughout the Western World. Our New Dynasty Collection reflects this Oriental influence that is still as exciting and striking as it was long ago. Mersman's 250 series, highlighted with bronze beveled glass, features a 27-step finish that brings out the natural grain and luster of fruitwood. Our 261 series is a faithful adaptation of the Oriental technique of lacquering, enhanced by modern advances in catalyzing so that the finish resists mars and scratches. And the 350 series, in olive ash and walnut veneer, is a salute to the intricate inlaying technique that the Orient perfected to an art form.

For complete decorating flexibility, Mersman's New Dynasty collections, both upholstery and wood, have open stock correlated choices - so anyone can make a starter purchase with confidence knowing that additional pieces will be readily available with the same beautiful finishes and styling details.

Sleep Sofas from $899, Tables from $249