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Traditional furniture design, with its timeless appeal and enduring beauty, reflects the flowering of craftsmanship from across the centuries and around the globe. It speaks to us of our human heritage the impulse to shape and civilize our home environment, and the sense of continuity that binds different generations and cultures together. Mersman has borrowed the best from the past - furniture whose sturdy elegance evolved from provincial French peasants to become a major design force; furniture whose delicately wrought techniques helped introduce the mysterious Far East to the Western World; furniture whose impact far outlasted the brief, 12-year reign of England's Queen Anne; and furniture from 18th Century Europe that represents excellence in style and craftsmanship. It's all here and we've collected it for you, together with coordinated upholstery pieces that also borrow the best from the past.


Georgian Hall (83), DuBois (55), New Dynasty (250) and Whitehall (166).


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