Mandalay Collection - Tropical Influences

Settings from Warmer Climes

With an emphasis on clean lines, natural rattan and fabric tones and exciting advances in materials, contemporary furniture reflects the century in which it was born. Rattan furniture can also co-exist harmoniously with more traditionally styled furniture, adding a pleasant contrast and making an eclectic statement. Form has never followed function more beautifully than in the Mersman Mandalay collections of contemporary furniture. Drawing upon diverse design influences with the flavor of the Islands, our Mandalay collections allow you ample opportunity to express your individuality and taste.

Mersman Mandalay Collection Series 244 Living Room

  • as shown
  • No. 60-244 Sofa 72L 36D 36H 27AH 19SH
  • No. 50-244 Loveseat 60L 36D 36H 27AH 19SH
  • Fabric AL-4005 Sand

Also available - dark rattan - jewel-tone fabrics

  • No. 60-244 Sofa 72L 36D 36H 27AH 19SH
  • Fabric AL-4005 Jewel - Outline Quilted

  • Mandalay 244-03 Rectangular Cocktail Table
  • 24 x 60 x 18H

$1999 as shown