Atlantic Surfing Museum Celebrates 6 Years of celebration for East Coast Surfers

The Original ASM Home Page

The Original ASM Home Page

When we all started our motives were pure. We were so young and innocent. We thought (in the words of Dexy's Midnight Runners in "Come On Eileen," "We are far too young and clever and we'll never change." Now the lyric is much closer to the Beach Boys late classic "Until I Die.""I'm a cork on the ocean, floating over the raging sea. How deep is the ocean? How deep is the ocean? I lost my way, Hey hey hey. I'm a rock in a landslide, rolling over the mountainside. How deep is the valley? How deep is the valley? It kills my soul, Hey hey hey. I'm a leaf on a windy day, pretty soon I'll be blown away. How long will the wind blow? How long will the wind blow? Ohhhh 'Until I Die."

2008: The Rennaissance of East Coast Surfing

In 2008, Gary Ng of Solana Beach, CA wrote a song which updated the Beach Boys' "Surfers Rule." He called it "Old Surfers Rule." Here's the lyric: "Hey old surfers get back to the beach. Turn off your cell phone, you can't be reached. Old Surfers Rule. We'll show the kids the tricks we used to do, like the Quasimodo or the coffin, too. Old Surfers Rule. Remember back in '63, surf all day, just you and me, endless summers were meant to be. Oh baby! Don't you wish you kept your woodie, too. Now we strap our boards on BMW's, Old Surfers Rule. That surfer girl is half your age. You'd better turn around and get back to the waves, Old Surfers Rule. The lonely sea at night; Grab your girl, it'll be alright. We might be older but we're not quite dead. Look out for surfers with no hair on their heads, Old Surfers Rule. Like a Brian Wilson song, We'll be having fun All Summer Long."

When we went back for the Surf 68 reunion in Hull, Massachusetts, this is just how we all felt.As they say in French, "Plus ca change, plus c'est la meme chose." Yes, somethings are different (less hair on our heads), but the surfing spirit is just the same.

2010: The Year We Made the Cover of GQ

Kelly Slater - the quintessential East Coast surfer, on the Cover of GQ.

Particularly with the emergence of films like "Blue Crush," and the images of Laird Hamilton surfing gigantic waves at Teahupoo and Jaws, surfing moved to a new level of iconic cool.

When Kelly Slater (in the curl) made it as "the coolest athlete" of the last 25 years on the cover of GQ, we knew some sort of milestone had been reached. Kelly, of course, is from New Smyrna Beach, Florida, near Daytona Beach. Even though he surfs around the world, his East Coast roots are evident.

On top of all that, Kelly, like the "old surfers" in the Gary Ng song above, has a shaved head. How cool is that?

2012: The Atlantic Surfing Museum’s Never Looked So Good

In 2012, the Atlantic Surfing Museum staged its first annual fundraiser "Dive and Surf Today." What a hoot! A Highlight was the Surfing Backdrop where your "headshot" goes with beautiful surfer bodies. Now we all can be Kelly Slater!

Here is the setup at the Infoage Atlantic Surfing Museum site. Will Somers and Mark Richardson, ASM Directors, present Joe Schluter with the ASM Volunteer of the Year Award, 2012. Joe was central to readying the ASM Site in Wall Township with signs, banners and the wood framework which wrapped it all together.

Don't you just love it?

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