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Have us manage your land for you and with you!  

             CHLLC Land Management Services   


How can you as a land owner best profit from timber or hunting property when the future path of development indicates the land will have a use other than timber production?


Managing land with a highest and best use beyond timber harvesting is a challenge. A carefully developed plan is the key to profiting from those timber or hunting lands you own.


The long term management plan should be based on:


Sustainable timber management ,


Development planning expertise, and


Governmental affairs skills (where land use restrictions may be an issue).


CHLLC brings all these skills to bear based on its own experience.


Timber Management 




Timber management should always be for sustainable "green" yields, but this is particularly true when the path of development will affect the boundaries between remote rural areas and exurban settlement.  Land owners often find that land they originally invested in or inherited for timber, hunting, recreation or other rural land purposes has a prospective use beyond timber production.


A skilled land appraiser may opine that the "highest and best use" is for some form of development based on current value, market potential and timing. CHLLC can help maximize future profits by creating with you a carefully thought out land use plan for the property.


Through such a plan, potential investors or buyers can be led to recognize the property's value beyond timber production. Through marketing the property based on multiple prospective uses, the full value can be realized for you as the owner.